Bresser - The Origins

The English surname Brazier refers to the occupation of the names bearer. The surname is derived from the old English word brasian, meaning to make out of brass. This would indicate that the original bearer of the name was a brass founder by trade. The name is also derived from the old English Broesian which means to cast in brass and is the occupational name for a worker in brass.

Before the introduction of the hereditary system of surnames, the occupational family name provided a simple form of identification in a community. Early references to this occupation dates back to the middle ages.

Another origin of Brazier is the name Brashears, a patronymic version of the occupational name Brasher, which came from France with the Normans. Brasher is derived from old French brasser, which means to brew. Hence Le Brasseur. The most common variants of the name range from Bracer, through Brasior, Brazia, Breshar, Bresser, to Brosier. About one hundred and two in total.